Why hire Sri Lankan workers?


The labor force in Romania is continuously decreasing, so most Romanian companies choose to recruit foreign staff. Almost five million Romanian citizens have gone to work abroad.
Sri Lanka is one of the labor supply countries, Navon Jobs agency carefully selects potential workers.
Sri Lanka is a poorly developed country in South Asia, where the minimum wage per economy is only 300 lei, being 8 times lower than in Romania. The ratio between the leu and Sri Lanka’s national currency, the Sri Lankan rupee, is 42 rupees to one leu. The unemployment rate reached 5% at the end of 2020 in Sri Lanka, while in Romania it was approaching 4% at the end of last year.
No wonder people from Sri Lanka are heading to countries like Romania for a higher monthly income.The minimum wage per economy for foreign workers is 2,350 lei gross.

Sri Lankan workers are productive, hardworking and can cope with the demands of employers. They are willing to work in any sector, whether we are talking about any of the following fields: HoReCa, agriculture, the textile industry or construction.
Working in warehouses or chain stores can be tiring or demanding, but Sri Lankan workers are capable of performing all duties in that field. Asians are responsible and loyal to their employer, being at your disposal in any situation. Their goal is to earn enough money to support their families.

Sri Lankan workforce for the following fields:  HoReCa, Construction, Agriculture, Elder Care/Care, Babysitter, Food Industry or Mechanical & Electrical Industry.

In the  HoReCa field, Sri Lankan workers can be employed as waiters, cooks, helpers, dishwashers, bartenders or bakers, depending on the employers’ requirements. For the smooth running and development of your business, Navon Jobs provides you with  English-speaking Sri Lankan workers who demonstrate discipline, seriousness and efficiency. Compliance with hygiene rules is an important rule in this sector, that’s why our agency carefully chooses responsible workers who will successfully fulfill all the duties of the position.

In  Agriculture , we recommend you personally from Sri Lanka. They are hardworking and able to withstand physical exertion. They are eager to work in a European country and are satisfied with the conditions offered by Romanian employers. Asians focus on the work at hand and do not allow themselves to be distracted by certain factors that might distract them.

In  Construction , a major deficiency can be seen among employees. Romanians prefer to work abroad, something that can be seen on construction sites, where there are more and more Asian workers. Sri Lanka is a country that supplies skilled and unskilled workers suitable for the construction industry.

The job of  babysitter  or  elderly care  is also assigned to Sri Lankan workers. Due to their sense of responsibility and attentive care, Asian workers are reliable and suitable for this position. They understand the needs of the little ones and the elderly and are patient with them. They are good listeners and have the energy to cope with any unforeseen situation. Sri Lankan women are devoted and hardworking, that’s why they are chosen by mothers who have no one to leave their child with while they are away at work. Caring for an elderly person requires extra attention and 24/7 assistance to avoid accidents. Sri Lankan staff are carefully recruited for your family.

In  the mechanical industry , Navon Jobs provides you with skilled and unskilled personnel. All employees are carefully selected and evaluated on the basis of tests that verify their competence in the field. They are dedicated to the work and the employer and are willing to work overtime. The automotive sector is highly sought after in our country, that is why Sri Lankan workers are at the disposal of Romanian employers at any time.

Why choose the recruitment agency Navon Jobs?

Navon Jobs provides innovative Asian and overseas recruitment solutions, connecting human potential to business power. We serve both large and small organizations across all industry sectors with its services.

– we guarantee the free replacement of the human resource if it does not suit the work environment;

– we provide a dedicated consultant;

– we personally handle the selection of candidates from Sri Lanka;

– we quickly solve all the formalities related to the recruitment and placement of labor from India in Romania;

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