What are the most sought-after jobs for a foreign worker in 2023 in Romania?

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Romania is facing a severe labor shortage, a fact proven by the number of requests that Navon Jobs receives for the employment of foreigners from outside Europe, on the territory of Romania.

Therefore, according to a draft law calling for the adoption of a higher quota of foreign workers, in 2023 approximately 100,000 foreign workers are expected to move to Romania as the country continues to enjoy economic growth and development to cover a series of positions requested.

What jobs do foreign workers apply for in Romania?

According to the classification of activities in the national economy (CAEN), the key industries for which certifications were granted to foreign workers in 2022, to fill open positions that could not be filled due to a lack of qualified personnel, are the following:

• construction works of residential and non-residential buildings – 22,649;
• restaurants – 8,687;
• protection and guard activities – 6,620;
• contracting activities, on a temporary basis, of personnel – 6,070;
• road transport of goods – 5,096;
• construction works of other engineering projects – 4,824;
• retail trade in non-specialized stores, with the predominant sale of food products, beverages and tobacco – 3,537;
• unskilled worker in the demolition of buildings, masonry linings, mosaic tiles, faience, tiles,
parquet – 12,354;
• unskilled worker in assembling, mounting parts – 7,174;
• unskilled worker in breaking and cutting construction materials – 6,578;
• commercial worker – 5,338;
• handling goods – 5,181;
• security guard – 5,137;
• mechanical locksmith – 3,126;
• cook help – 3,032;

What nationalities are the workers interested in coming to work in Romania?

Most of the workers come from Asia: Nepal, India, Vietnam , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines. These workers often take unskilled jobs in restaurants, construction and domestic work. Their salaries in Romania can be significantly higher than what they would earn in their home countries.

However, it is essential to note that foreign workers in Romania come from different countries and backgrounds, and there are many unskilled workers in Romania. This country has a diverse economy and is home to a wide range of industries, including IT, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, and sales and marketing, which can attract foreign workers with various skills and expertise.

In general, it is obvious that foreign employees will have access to various career prospects in Romania in the coming years. Romania needs workers to fill the vacant positions in order to avoid a possible worsening of the labor force crisis.

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