Why do Romanian employers prefer the Asian workforce?

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In recent years, immigration policies have undergone changes, with many states having to change their legislation to accommodate more and more foreign workers. In most cases, foreigners come to work in Romania in fields such as business or construction.

The fields in which they work are different, but in great demand are positions in HoReCa, construction or tourism.

What are employers’ responsibilities in hiring Asian and foreign workers?

Companies interested in hiring foreign workers, but also foreigners who want to work in Romania can do so knowing the legal conditions. It is about the provisions of OG 25/2014 regarding employment and secondment of foreigners. Also, other legislative aspects are detailed in GEO 194/2002 regarding the regime of foreigners in Romania.

The procedure for hiring foreigners by employers, natural or legal persons from Romania, requires the following stages:

obtaining the employment permit;

obtaining a long-stay visa;

obtaining the right of residence;

issuance of a residence permit for the purpose of work / for the purpose of secondment.

In Romania, the employment of foreign citizens is carried out on the basis of the employment notice, requested by the employer and issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, through its territorial formations. Most of the time, the hiring of foreign staff, even more the hiring of people who come from outside the European space, is a long process, which involves a number of legislative aspects. Asian and foreign staff are subject to Romanian labor legislation, therefore employers will have the same rights and obligations towards them.

The advantages of choosing the Asian labor force will be immediately noticeable in your company, as the foreign staff is basically stable for the entire period of the employment contract concluded with the employer.

Navon Jobs offers you the full range of Asian staff recruitment services to cover the staffing needs of Romanian companies. We want to continue to provide quality driven services and we are constantly striving to improve our range of services to provide our clients with the best HR solutions.

What are the reasons why it is recommended to choose Asian and foreign staff?

Asians are very productive, easily adapt to the demands of the workplace and treat the job with a lot of responsibility. In addition, Asian employees are willing to work overtime, believing that they add value to the company.

Last but not least, the qualification of Asian candidates is a strong argument why their recruitment can be beneficial for your company. They are trained in a wide range of fields, from construction to the HoReCa industry and the care and education sphere. Adaptability to different environments and situations, but also resistance to stress is an important advantage. Asian employees are directly selected by our specialists, based on the skills demonstrated in the interview, the English language test, as well as the practical tests. At Navon Jobs, each candidate undergoes a practical test, depending on the employer’s wishes.

For example, Vietnamese workers stand out for their physical endurance and the ability to work overtime in order to achieve their set goals. Presentable, hardworking and eager to work, the Vietnamese workforce can really make a difference in the Romanian labor market.

About Navon Jobs

Due to the shortage of employees, Romania has turned from an exporter to an importer of labor. This is how Navon Jobs currently brings to the local labor market employees from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sudan, Brazil.

We are recruiting Asian and foreign staff from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Brazil and other emerging markets in the following fields of activity: Agriculture, Elderly Assistance/Care, Babysitter, Trade, Construction, Financial Services , Food Industry, IT, Horeca, Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Oil and Gas Production, Public Services, Shipping, Textile Industry, Transport, Transport Equipment Manufacturing and Utilities.

The qualification of Asian candidates makes a strong case that recruiting them can be beneficial for your company. Therefore, if your company is also facing a staff shortage, you have every reason to opt for the services we provide.

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