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The construction sector in Romania brings more and more Asian workers every year. Satisfied with the salary and employment conditions, Asian workers are attracted to the Romanian labor market, due to the opportunities and increased demand from employers.

The workers from Asia who come to Romania to work are young, and half of them are learning the Romanian language. According to a recent study on Asian workers in Romania as a solution to the labor shortage, one in three would like to stay longer in Romania. Three quarters of the workers from South and Southeast Asia working in Romania are men. A significant proportion of respondents come from India (18%), Vietnam (17%), Bangladesh (16%), Pakistan (15%) and Nepal (14%).

How many Asian workers work in the construction sector in Romania?


Asian workers are most often found in the construction sectors, about 39%, services 14%, logistics and transport 11%, manufacturing 57%. Many of the workers continue their professions practiced in their country of origin and in Romania.

 At the same time, according to the study, most Asian employees working in Romania are young. Their average age is 27 years, and the largest group (60%) consists of people between 26 and 35 years old. They quickly adapt to the labor market, resulting in a positive effect on Romania’s economic development.

Why are Asian workers valued in the construction sector in Romania?

The Asians recruited in Romania are appreciated because of the hard work and dedication they show in particular. Research shows that employees from Asian countries are satisfied with the employment conditions in Romania. More than half of them (53%) intend to recommend their relatives and friends to work in this country. Moreover, they settle quickly in Romania. Almost 40% admit that they can speak Romanian at least at a basic conversational level. At the same time, 52% of the respondents have already started to learn Romanian, while a quarter of them said that they will enroll in a language course in the near future.

The shortage of personnel on the labor market and the pressure exerted every year by employers led to the establishment of a record contingent of Asian immigrants. By 2022, the number of Asian workers will increase significantly, having already grown exponentially over the past five years.

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