The personnel crisis in Romania – what are the potential solutions?

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The personnel crisis in Romania - what are the potential solutions

The fact that Romania is experiencing a major personnel crisis is no longer news to anyone. Currently, the shortage of personnel is one of the biggest challenges faced by Romanian employers.
The lack of labor remains in 2021 one of the essential problems faced by important economic areas of our country.

To fill jobs in Romania, multinational companies, but also companies with fewer employees, turn to  Asian and foreign recruitment companies.

In recent years, Romania has represented a quite attractive country for investments, due to the following factors:

• fairly advantageous taxation for companies
• low labor cost, compared to Western Europe
• linguistic advantage (Romanians in general easily learn a foreign language)
• membership of the European Union (which facilitated the transfer of goods and capital therefore increased the attractiveness Romania for investors )

Large companies in Romania turn to Asian and foreign recruitment and placement firms

Although one of the important reasons for the migration of domestic workers is represented by the low wages paid by employers, paradoxically, they are willing to pay two to three times more for foreign labor. Asian and foreign workers who come to Romania speak English, are sociable and easily integrate into the workplace. Most hiring is done through Asian and foreign recruitment and placement agencies.

The Asian staff is well trained and very serious. Moreover, Asians work quickly and efficiently. Most of those who come from Asia are English speakers, which helps the employer a lot, but also the work relations between Asians and Romanian colleagues. Moreover, Asians are very productive, easily adapt to the demands of the workplace and treat the job with a lot of responsibility.
The wages accepted by Asian staff are lower and they are much more willing to work overtime. They come to Romania to work and earn money for their families in their home country.

Recruitment conditions for Asian staff

We can conclude that hiring Asian workers is a wise choice that any employer should consider. Asians are currently the best option for solving the effects of the deficit on the labor market in Romania.
According to Romanian legislation, the employment of foreign nationals implies compliance with certain conditions and obligations that both the employee and especially the employer must take into account. The employment procedure can differ depending on several factors, such as the place of origin of the future employee (in this case workers from Asia) and his qualification.

The stages of hiring foreigners by employers, individuals or legal entities from Romania, are as follows:

• obtaining the employment permit;
• obtaining a long-stay visa;
• obtaining the right of residence;
• issuance of a residence permit for the purpose of work / for the purpose of secondment.

Navon Jobs, an Asian and foreign staff recruitment company, supports Romanian employers

We support the client by taking over the recruitment and selection of staff using our own methods and our database.
As our commitment is to be part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that our customers’ concerns are taken seriously and addressed fairly. We personally handle the selection of candidates and provide them with a training period and an introduction to Romanian culture before arriving in Romania.

We are recruiting foreign staff from Nepal ,  Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Brazil  and other emerging markets in the following fields of activity:  Agriculture, Elderly Assistance/Care, Babysitter, Trade, Construction, Financial Services, Food Industry, IT, Horeca, Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Oil and Gas Production, Public Services, Shipping, Textile Industry, Transport, Transport Equipment Manufacturing and Utilities.

Most foreign employees come from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, but also from Sudan or Brazil. We use top credit checking agencies to perform full criminal background checks on all of our candidates.

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