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Navon Jobs recruits Nepalese in Romania for employers who do not have the required workforce. More and more Romanians prefer to leave their country and focus on working abroad, in countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany.

Navon Jobs is an agency for recruiting foreign workers, from countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, Brazil, Bangladesh or India. Our agency aims to create creative solutions in Romania, by enriching the Romanian labor sector. All our candidates are chosen after an extremely strict and professional selection process.

Nepali workers are serious and are the most sought after category of foreign workers. You can find them in fields such as Agriculture, the Food Industry, HoReCa or in the Assistance and care of those who can no longer manage on their own.

Nepalese in Romania – recruitment of Nepali workers through Navon Jobs

Surely, you have noticed a significant increase in the number of Nepalese in Romania . This is because the people of Nepal are hardworking, serious and respectful. They have created a community in Romania and are happy to come and work here, because the income is much higher. Employers appreciate them for the nice way they interact with people.

In just 3 simple steps, Navon Jobs can help you find the perfect workers for your business :

Step 1 – You contact us.

Step 2 – Talk to someone from our team to find the right foreign workers for you and sign the contract.

Step 3 – You enjoy your new employees and the company’s profit.

Nepalese in Romania work in different fields such as Agriculture, HoReCa or Construction.

Most of the Nepalese who come to Romania are recruited for positions such as: cooks, assistant cooks, waiters, qualified or unqualified staff for hotels.

In the field of Agriculture , Nepalese are the main choice of Romanian employers, because 80% of Nepal’s economy is based on agriculture, so they have the necessary experience to deal with outdoor working conditions.

Nepalese workers in Romania are dedicated and easily adapt to any working conditions. Navon Jobs gives you the guarantee that all the workers recruited are qualified in the desired field.

Nepalese in Romania – salary

Nepali workers in Romania have a considerably higher salary, compared to the one received in their country of origin. Romanian employers have confidence in their abilities and are satisfied with the services provided.

Salaries vary depending on the field of recruitment. For example, a construction worker earns up to 2500 lei, and a bartender can reach an income of 3000 lei.

Following the legal changes, on 13.01.2021, the minimum wage per economy for Romanian citizens was set at 2300 lei gross for a normal work schedule.

For those with higher education, the minimum salary level remained at 2,350 lei Gross.

For those who want to hire foreign citizens, the minimum salary level is 2,350 lei gross, starting from 13.01.2021.

Nepalese in Romania – call Navon Jobs for the best recruitment services

If you are looking for Nepali workers in Romania , Navon Jobs is the right recruitment agency for you.

Navon Jobs offers support throughout the recruitment and placement process of Asian and foreign workers in Romania. We are aware of the latest technologies, which brings us closer to potential clients and candidates. In addition, we explore all platforms and events that can increase our network of contacts.

Because we are committed to being part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that customer concerns are taken seriously and addressed fairly.

Also, if the chosen worker does not fit the employer’s requirements, then the agency guarantees free replacement of the human resource. If you choose to turn to Navon Jobs, you’ll benefit from a trained and experienced team and free 24/7 advice. If you have any concerns or questions about the recruitment process, you can contact the agency via chat, email or phone call.

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