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Chef Helper - Call Navon Jobs for the best recruitment services

Do you need a chef’s help? Navon Jobs is a foreign staff recruitment agency that will provide you with the perfect employee according to your requirements. It can be difficult to find the perfect employee for the position of chef helper, but the Navon Jobs team has the experience to determine who is the ideal person for the job.

When you manage a hotel, restaurant, catering company or other form of business in the hospitality industry, you need the right people to create the ideal team in the kitchen. The HoReCa or tourism area is a very important one, and preparing impeccable meals is essential in this industry. Tourists are attracted, in addition to the area and the tourist attractions, by the food they serve. Thus, most of them will tend to choose a location that is also famous for their chosen food. That’s why it’s important to choose your staff carefully, to always make a good impression.

More and more Asian workers started to work in kitchens in Romania. Navon Jobs, an agency known for Asian labor recruitment services is here for you with the best solutions.

Cook’s helper – job description duties

chef’s helper is the first step in a culinary career, one where you learn the basics in a professional kitchen. The cook’s helper is trained to learn how to properly use equipment, cooking utensils, prepare ingredients for recipes, arrange dishes on the plate and work with a team.

The chef’s helper, as the job title suggests, has the role of providing the necessary help to the chef. He is responsible for the first stage, known in the field as “mise-en-place”. It is about preparing the necessary framework in which the chef can carry out his activity – washing, weighing, cutting ingredients, preparing knives, pots, pans. It may seem simple, but the chef’s assistant must pay attention to all the details, so that the chef does not miss anything.

Assistant cook – responsibilities

The responsibilities of a cook helper are:

  • Preparing the workspace
  • Sanitizing and cleaning cooking equipment
  • Proper storage of ingredients
  • Supplying and unpacking products
  • Keeping the kitchen and work area clean
  • Cooking the ingredients
  • Securing all equipment and ingredients in the work area
  • Making preliminary preparations – to boil, bake, fry, etc.
  • Placing dishes on plates
  • Disposing of and washing containers used for cooking
  • Compliance with the hygiene and sanitary rules specific to public food
  • Compliance with the internal regulations of the restaurant

The chef’s helper is an important component in any kitchen in the hospitality industry. He must demonstrate good organization, speed and attention to detail.

Recently, more and more Romanians have gone abroad to take up the position of helper cook. That’s why Navon Jobs comes to the aid of those facing staff shortages. Asian workers are known for their organization and responsibility, which makes them ideal employees.

Chef helper – call Navon Jobs for best services

Navon Jobs offers you the ideal employee to fill the position of chef’s helper . We take care of all the formalities to bring the employee to Romania. Asian workers are an excellent choice to be helpers as they are responsible, efficient and well organized.

Navon Jobs offers support throughout the recruitment and placement process of Asian and foreign workers in Romania. We are aware of the latest technologies, which brings us closer to potential clients and candidates. In addition, we explore all platforms and events that can increase our network of contacts.

Because we are committed to being part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that customer concerns are taken seriously and addressed fairly.

Also, if the chosen worker does not fit the employer’s requirements, then the agency guarantees free replacement of the human resource. If you choose to turn to Navon Jobs, you’ll benefit from a trained and experienced team and free 24/7 advice. If you have any concerns or questions about the recruitment process, you can contact the agency via chat, email or phone call.

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