What salaries do foreign workers receive in Romania in 2022?

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What salaries do foreign workers receive in Romania in 2022?

In the context of the labor force crisis in Romania , more and more Romanian employers are turning to foreign workers to be able to continue their business. According to the Western European model, those jobs that the locals do not need were taken over by Eastern European workers, including Romanians. Asians come to Romania to work in jobs that Romanians find unattractive, not least because low wages, big numbers and mirages from the West are more incentives to work than at home. Romanians perceive salaries in Western Europe as low, while Asians perceive salaries as high compared to salaries in their own countries. Countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal or Bangladesh have become sources of work for Romanian companies.
However, Romanian employers must know certain important aspects regarding the employment of foreign citizens . One of these aspects is the salary.

The minimum wage for foreign workers in 2022:

Knowing the current minimum wage is important because based on it you can make the right decision about the salary for the positions in your company. You can often take into account other criteria, such as the candidate’s professional training and the level of experience you need, but it is also essential to know the minimum salary threshold.
The agreed minimum wage for foreign workers is the same as that offered to Romanian workers. In 2022, the minimum net salary is 2,550 lei, approximately 500 euros. However, salaries can differ by industry. For example, according to GEO 43 of 12.06.2019, until 2028, a company in the construction industry must ensure a minimum salary of 3000 lei gross for both Romanian and foreign employees.

What additional costs does hiring a foreign worker entail?

In addition to salary expenses, there may indeed be additional costs associated with obtaining a work permit and providing transportation, lodging, and meals. Due to the complexity of the recruitment process, recruitment agencies provide you with the necessary support through legal advice, preparation of immigration procedures and the entire mediation process. Navon Jobs provides innovative Asian and overseas recruitment solutions, connecting human potential to business power.

In the end, foreign workers can represent the most efficient solution for the lack of personnel in Romania, and a fair salary can result in the favor of the employer, but also of the employees.
Navon Jobs offers viable solutions for the labor market in Romania, recruiting Asian and foreign staff from countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, but also from Sudan or Brazil. Workforcefrom Asia can solve your labor shortage. Regarding the level of experience, even if the future employee is far away, in the live interviews, you can follow the candidate’s level of training and if he needs additional training to start the job in Romania. That way, you have a clearer picture of possible additional costs and can set a realistic threshold for what the minimum wage is worth.

Looking for foreign workers? – call Navon Jobs for the best services

Navon Jobs offers you the ideal employee to fill the position of chef’s helper . We take care of all the formalities to bring the employee to Romania. Asian workers are an excellent choice to be helpers as they are responsible, efficient and well organized.

Navon Jobs offers support throughout the recruitment and placement process of Asian and foreign workers in Romania. We are aware of the latest technologies, which brings us closer to potential clients and candidates. In addition, we explore all platforms and events that can increase our network of contacts.

Because we are committed to being part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that customer concerns are taken seriously and addressed fairly.

Also, if the chosen worker does not fit the employer’s requirements, then the agency guarantees free replacement of the human resource. If you choose to turn to Navon Jobs, you’ll benefit from a trained and experienced team and free 24/7 advice. If you have any concerns or questions about the recruitment process, you can contact the agency via chat, email or phone call.

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